Josh Valentin

Josh Valentin is a Serial Entrepreneur, Humanitarian & International Speaker who devotes his life to pursuing new entrepreneurial endeavors, coming up with solutions to world problems and inspiring the masses to live out their dreams and purpose. He is also a devoted father and husband who travels around the world undertaking new adventures from jumping out of planes from 15,000 ft. to diving some of the deepest depths of the oceans.

Growing up in East New York, Brooklyn during the crack & murder epidemic that swept New York City had a major impact on Josh’s life. He witnessed and endured the struggles of drug abuse, gang violence & murder that became the norm during the 80’s & 90’s in East New York, one of the murder capitals of the country at the time. Becoming a star athlete in 3 different sports (football, wrestling & track) are what kept him off the streets and eventually led him to being recruited to play football at a military structured college which was also the highest paying college in The United States at the time.

After being the first person in his family to attend and graduate from college, Josh had a successful career in the Maritime Industry as a Maritime Captain piloting millions of dollars worth of cargo around the country. Despite enjoying his career and the security of a six figure income, he knew there was much more to life than working a job to build someone else’s dreams. So at the age of 24, Josh retired from the workforce and went on to pursue his passion for Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy. He Founded the company Valentin Enterprises, LLC, a conglomerate company that owns and manages a variety of businesses, investments & non-profits. His businesses range from E-Commerce, Wealth Management, Venture Capital, Private Coaching & Training to Travel, Direct Sales & more. He now travels the world sharing his story of overcoming adversity & struggle, with a captivating and passionate style of speaking that inspires thousands of people around the globe to take action and live out their dreams.